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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Finally started...and almost finished

Good morning!

After re-reading Lover's Knot (I had read it previously), I jotted down several notes.  From the beginning I knew my quilts would be small.  I don't consider myself an art quilter, but it is fun to try new techniques and designs of my own making.  I also knew I did not need any more large UFOs lying around - small projects are fun!

So, here is Nell''s New World -- not quite finished - still needs quilting and a few embellishments.

approx 12x15 inches

It's quite obvious for those of who have read the book.  Nell's new life grows from her heartache of having lost what she thought was a tidy, orderly, and very neutral (LOL), plan of life.

With the exception of the border, it is all fused, according to the Chicago School of Fusing.  Laura Wasilowski spoke to our guild a few months ago and I knew I had to try her technique on this project.