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Sunday, August 21, 2011

I'm so excited!

My name is Missy. My blog doesn't get updated a lot, but it's CraftyMissT  I am 28 years old, married for just over a year and very busy at the moment.   I just started a new job and am not used to getting up at (gasp) 5 in the morning yet.  My two puppies are keeping us hopping, the young one is a bundle of energy.
Aren't they so cute????

I love to read. I just hit up the library yesterday and came home with an armful of maybe 10 books, including the one that we're going to read.  I'm super excited to try and create a quilt based on the story. It's something I haven't done before and I"m thrilled to try.  

I've been quilting seriously for a couple years now. I did a cute wall hanging when I was about 10 and hadn't quilted since.   Once my sister started having babies, I wanted to make some for them, so I delved back into the art.  My most recent accomplishment is a quilt that has matching quilted shams. I'm stoked and can't wait to find fabric for the back of the quilt. I'm a little picky and haven't found anything I really want to use.

Other than that, I live in South Carolina close to Charlotte, NC.  I teach children with special needs, and LOVE it!  I adore the Buffalo Bills and fight with my husband over the TV during football season, cause he loves NASCAR.   



  1. Hi Missy! We can have some good convos - I am married to a NFL nut! but am a die hard Colts fan. We get to SC ever once in a while as my in-laws retired near Augusta, GA.

  2. Hi, Missy. I love the colors you used for this quilt and shams. Some of my favorites together. I am very happy you are here. Looking forward to seeing what you create.

  3. Hi Missy! Glad to meet another Palmetto State quilter (I live near Pickens, close to that school that does the crazy tiger stufff...hmmm, what was it called? OH! Clemson!). Love your projects you showed us!


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