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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Started reading

I started the book, even though I am still reading another book, so two at one time!  This is such an easy read, and I am enjoying it.  I wasn't really sure what the lover's knot looked like, so I googled it.  It seems there are a couple of variations with that name. 

So my question is this: Are we going to make the lover's knot?  If so, which variation shall we try, or shall we leave that up to creative interpretation?  Or is there another possibility?  What does everyone think?


  1. The beauty of this group is that you get to choose what you want to make. My book hasn't come yet, so I don't know what I am going to make. I did look up lover's knot, but I like the Celtic patterns better than the quilt pattern. There may be something else in the book to make a quilt about, as well. I think it would be very cool if someone did make a lover's know quilt since it is such an interesting pattern.

  2. I started reading, too, and I have a little notebook on my nightstand so I can write down ideas that flash into my mind as I read. The only thing about my project that I'm sure of atm is that it will be small-ish.

  3. Miki, I liked the Celtic version myself. I am thinking 4 blocks would make a nice, manageable size wall hanging. But not fully committed to that yet.

  4. I started to post a question last night, and got called away to something else...I, too, had looked and found several variations on the quilt block. But ya never know, there might be something in the reading that will inspire me to go off in another direction! LOL
    I'm hoping my book might arrive tomorrow!


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