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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Starting my quilt

I spent some time today working on my quilt for the book.  I was struck by how the death of one person helped free Nell from her old life to begin anew.  I was also struck by Eleanor's attachment to the quilts of her former teacher and mentor.  I built some fabric for the background of my quilt.  The red represents the death.  I wanted it to look like a stain on a quilt like the one in the book.  Out of this stain will grow beautiful flowers to represent the new life Nell and Eleanor are headed toward.  I know the flowers will be applique but I am still deciding on applique or embroidery for the stems.  The background piece is 15" x 15".  I will probably put a border around it before I quilt it.  I will post my progress as it happens.


  1. Thanks for you comment on my kitchen chairs! My new ones are looking lovely! I'm not going to get rid of my old chair...I just can't, my kids grew up in those chairs..still are. I'm going to keep them in a couple of different areas in our home...a couple at two desks and the other two I'll just hang in the garage for extra seating when we have choir cookouts at our house. :) (my hubby is the music minister at our church)
    I love that you're making a quilt from a book that you read! That is so neat! I am definitely NOT a quilter...I don't have that kind of patience. lol I have to do projects that I can get pretty quick progress from...I can't do that with quilting, but I admire people that can quilt. My grandma is an amazing quilter and I cherish the quilts that she's made for me. It takes some special talent to are blessed!
    Missy :)

  2. Well I saw this beauty over on 15 Min & had to come searching for more info ... fascinating idea ... guess now I'll have to search out the book, too!


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