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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Finished it a couple times over

I tend to get engrossed in stories and miss important details. So in order to make sure I've got all the important information, I made sure to read this one a couple times. I believe I've decided on what I want to do with my quilt. It might take me a while, I've never designed one like this before. I am thinking about doing a maze with arrows.  Arrows will represent the "archers",  in the center of the quilt, I'm going to put a panel with a "garden" on it and have that represent the "rest".  The maze is going to represent the complex twists that Nell has to figure out in order to solve the mystery.  Opinions?  Pretty sure I'm going to stick with mostly neutrals and small pops of color.


  1. I like your idea. I am also thinking of neutrals with pops of color. Unfortunately, I don't have enough neutrals at the moment, so will have to collect some to get started.

  2. That sounds interesting! Looking forward to seeing it!


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