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Friday, September 2, 2011

Yay!! My book finally arrived!

I'll be playing catch up, now! But with a holiday weekend, maybe I can do it!

It does seem to be a quick read, as others have said, and I'm enjoying learning about the characters. So far, I find Eleanor appealing; unless she surprises me down the road, I think she is someone I would love to know (and have as a quilting buddy!).

aka Snoodles


  1. I guess I am going to be the last one to start. I still haven't received my book. I had credit at the Bookswap, so I found a copy and ordered it. They told me it was on its way, but it is taking its own sweet time.

  2. Well, Miki it is a fast read, so no worries. I have finished and have started thinking about my quilt. Haven't quite decided what I'm doing yet. It should be fun though. Jacque, I like Eleanor too. Seems like the characters will come into their own in future books.


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