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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Book Read and Quilt Done

I finished the book...I think we all have.  And I finished my quilt.

My quilt is small.  It is going to be an AAQI quilt.  In the book, Nell is re-proposed to by the Hudson river.  This is also the spot she goes to to sit on the rock and think.

I machine pieced the background and hand appliqued the tree, leaves and rock.  I also hand quilted my little quilt. 

I look forward to seeing what everyone else is working on.

Hugs, Cathy


  1. I really like this. I love the way the quilting follows the path of ther swirling leaves. It gives it great movement. Great job.

  2. Thanks Miki. I had fun reading the book and making the quilt. Hugs

  3. Great quilt, Cathy! I went back and read the posts from the beginning - this looks like such a fun blog to belong to! I haven't read any of O'Donoghue's books but I'm going to love seeing what each of you do with them.


  4. A-dorable! Love the feel of the tree and it's charitable purpose.


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